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Our Professionals said

We proud ourselves on making our training sessions (and workshops) interactive, hands-on and passionate. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to our customer’s voice:



“Marc is an engaging trainer and coach that keeps the learning initiative on track. Marc challenged our assumptions on agile and scrum and encouraged us to integrate good practices based on our current business challenges. Every aspect of his training method included a thought-provoking interactive activity and true to life explanations of the frameworks under review. Marc is adept in agile and scrum, motivated and cordial.”

– Carl-John Pyne, Senior Information Security Advisor



“I had the pleasure to follow two trainings from Cevora (in Dutch):
1) Agile projecten: SCRUM in de praktijk- IT context (267N)
2) Agile Product Owner – IT context (268N)
Both were given by Marc Vandyck who is very knowledgeable about the matter, having applied the framework himself during his professional life. Obviously the theory is important but what really nailed it down for me (and I can’t emphasize this enough) was the fact that the course is given with a very enthusiastic and rather funny twist to it. Indeed, we had a good laugh which also makes the training more interactive as people share their stories more openly. Most chapters of the course were underlined with practical exercises in teams to illustrate the concepts and allowing us to understand with simple situations. I won’t go into the detail regarding the content (Agile/SCRUM theory readily available online) but I highly recommend my colleagues to join the course as Marc’s teaching techniques are probably the reason why this was so easy to follow.”

– Nils De Block, Application Consultant



“I had the opportunity to attend a training session given by Marc, on Agile methodologies.
It was a great experience having him sharing his knowledge, backed up by his professional experience on changing mindsets and processes.
He took his time to answer all our questions and to make sure that us, trainees, got the best out of the training session.
His teaching methodologies are highly interactive and fun, and I definitely recommend him as a trainer.”

– João Monteiro, Full Stack Developer



“I had the pleasure to take the 2-day Cevora course “Agile projecten: SCRUM in de praktijk” given by Marc.
I would highly recommend this course to any IT professional. It is a fun way of learning about agile and the state of mind that comes with it, comined with hands-on practices and examples in the field of Scrum as a framework or a way of working as I see it. Thank you!”

– Stijn Hermans, Business Development Manager



“A great Agile and Scrum training in Toyota HO worth my attention very much. Thank you Marc Vandyck”

– Luis Raul Garcia Ramon, Project Management