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About Agile atelier

I started Agile atelier (as a Meetup group) with the philosophy of searching for and practicing the HOW of things with others. Not so much the WHAT. I’m more for the practical learning. The hands-on approach always gives me energy because it focuses me on the situation at hand. And It always makes me smile when I see the people understanding the concepts by doing.

In dutch we have a saying “Oefening baart kunst” meaning “Practice makes perfect”. One has to practice a technique over and over again before it becomes a second nature to that person. It’s like me having practiced karate for 20 year and I trained my techniques over and over again before I did them with my eyes closed. It’s about the “shu” and “ha” of “shuhari”.

Marc Vandyck
Agile whisperer

I am an Agile consultant and trainer with significant hands-on experience of Scrum and other Agile disciplines.  I have been consulting, coaching, training, facilitating teams as Scrum Master, Scrum coach, Scrum of Scrums Master, Proxy Product Owner around the world for Toyota Motor Europe, Nike, Volvo Cars, BNP Paribas Fortis, OneSpan, Skyline, Tom Tom, Comparex, Digipolis, Sanoma, Cevora.

My superpower, besides my brutal honesty, is that I never fall back on old school project management habits because I don’t have them. I only have Agile habits thanks to my late mentor/coach/boss, Luc Segers – founder of Equalminds.

I also use the martial arts mindset, the Shu Ha Ri way (follow, practice, master), which is very similar to the Agile mindset as a way to teach True Scrum.

I was certified by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and creator of Scrum@Scale, and other leading Scrum Inc. consultants in the details of True Scrum and the Scrum@Scale operating model.

You can find out more about me at my LinkedIn profile.



Fusayo Kaneko
Global Brand Strategist

I am Fusayo Kaneko Vandyck from Japan and living in Antwerp, Belgium. I have been working as a Brand strategist after working as an art director and a graphic designer for 15 years. My unique education backgrounds are both Art and MBA. My role for Agile atelier is to support trainings, make and prepare for materials for the best practices of all trainings.
My superpowers are :
– think of brand strategies for clients to support and achieve their goals.
– support “Local Business” with excellent teams
– connect between Japan and Europe
– think of sustainability (I try to join activities, see the Youtube video from the Taiwan broadcast)
You can also find me at my LinkedIn profile.

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