About the Trainer

I was born in South Korea in 1971 and I was adopted by Belgian parents when I was four years young. I was raised in Brussels in Dutch and French. I studied Dutch, French, German and Spanish in high school. my English improved enourmously with one exchange year in Westport, Connecticut, USA. I financed my Master in Business Management & Marketing and my Bachelor in Low myself.

I am a competitive sportsman. I started playing soccer at nine, practiced karate for 20 years, and I’ve been playing tennis for a while now.

My favourite hobbies are traveling the world and gastronomy.
I’ve been on every continent so far except the North pole and Antartica. My next travelling goal is to see the seven modern world wonders and to taste the local food.



What is Scrum Inc.’s version of Scrum

It is Scrum as taught by Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum. Scrum Inc. focuses on the rules of the game as well on how the game should be played with patterns. Patterns to drive the efficiency of the teams – “twice the value in half the time” is the motto.

How long is the certificate valid?

The Scrum Master (SM) and Product Owner (PO) certificates are valid for a year. After one year, your Scrum knowledge will be reviewed via a short and simple exam. The renewal costs 50 USD to be paid to Scrum Inc.

How do I get my digital badge?

After attending the course, we will create your user accounts on the ScrumLab platform, where you can find the link to the official exam.
Once you have passed the exam, you can download your digital badge and PDF certificate.

What do I need for Remote Instructor-led training
  • A good internet connection– Test Your Speed Here
  • A webcam that is turned on
  • To be able to use Zoom and Mural (at least 10 Mbps download / upload)
  • To be in a quiet space where you can speak freely and without too much background noise
  • One person, one device
    We also recommend (although not essential)
  • Two monitors
  • Space to move around the room
How is the remote course different from the in-class course?

The main difference is that the in-person class is spread out in multiple sessions during the week. The course structure and content itself are very similar. The Learning Objectives are the same, as is the Certification. Being a remote delivery over several days with an intensive screen time, we include many more breaks. We have also adapted the in-person course with exercises more appropriate and effective for an online/remote experience.

When shall I arrive at the venue for in-class courses?

We recommend 15 minutes before the course starts, but you can arrive a bit earlier to do some networking and have coffee chats.

Who should I call in case of emergency?

You can call us at +32 495 321 771

What happens if the course is cancelled?

Should we cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances, you are entitled to a full refund of the paid price or you are free to reschedule for the next course.

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel until 14 calendar days before the course start date by email free of charge.
After this period, following applies:
Change of participant – Free

  • Change to another course – 10% of course fee is charged in addition
  • Cancellation or Absence — No refund is possible

More details can be found on Section 4 of our Training Terms and Conditions.

Other questions

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